Pro Package 2 - $24,995.00 (Equipment Package)

Equipment plus 2-Day Power Boot Camp: $26,495.00

  • Professionally Clean

  • Recapture

Pro-Package II features our Pro Package I professional power plant mounted on a larger deck to hold (2) 200 gallon tanks, 1 for fresh water and 1 for recaptured water. This gives you the ability to clean and catch your water, then dispose of the "grey" water for proper disposal. This will keep you EPA compliant. You also have the option to combine tanks and utilize 400 gallons of fresh water... if reclaim is not necessary.

Comes complete with all the tools to clean and recapture.

Trailer Power Washer - Full  Trailer Power Washer - Rear  Trailer Power Washer - Full  Trailer Power Washer - Rear 

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Trailer Power Washer - Rear 

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  • Motor: 20 HP Honda or 21 HP Vanguard Engine - Made by Toyota
  • Output: 5.5 GPM @ 3500 PSI, fully adjustable pressure
  • Pump: General TS 2021 Ceramic Plunger Pump
  • Frame: Powder coated, uni-body built reinforced structural supports for added "over the road" shock support for coil support.
  • Motor and Pump Power Plate: Pre-assembled "Power-Plate" engineered to accept a variety of motor options. This enables the operator to change/service any component (motor, belt, generator, pump support brackets) in minutes - not hours.
  • Burner: Super high efficiency Beckett Burner
  • Fuel Tanks: 10 gallons diesel, 8 gallons gas
  • Horizontal Coil System: Features a new helical style horizontal engineering design that is super fuel efficient with super fast heat rise. Cold rolled continuous schedule 80 coil. The horizontal coil is much easier to support for "over the road" transportation vs. vertical coils.
  • Stainless Steel Coil Cover: Will not rust, looks great for years
  • Thermostat: Saves fuel when high temp is not necessary
  • Hour Meter: For service intervals
  • Easy Pressure Control: Front mounted to control flow and heat rise

TRAILER DESCRIPTION: (your choice of red, blue, yellow, or black)

  • Rugged, compact, and specially engineered to haul the equipment and water load. Leaf Spring Axles cushion and distribute the weight for easy towing.
  • HD Enamel Paint
  • 5' x 16' Diamond Plate Steel Deck
  • Integrated steel tank rack to hold water
  • Tandem Axle - Each axle 3500 lb rated.
  • Dual Axle Brake - DOT compliant in all states and Canada
  • Integrated sign holder - for sides and rear signage
  • Integrated Gun Holder
  • Chrome Wheels


2 - 200 Gallon Water Tanks 1 - Turbo Nozzle
1 - 100' R-1 4,000 PSI hose with couplers 1 - Soap Injection System
2 - HD Hose Reels (5,000 PSI rated) 1 - Dual Lance Soap Control Gun and
     Wand Assembly
1 - 100' HD garden fill hose 1 - Complete 36" Gun and Wand Assembly
1 - 12' Telescoping Wand 1 - Water Broom Attachment
1 - 8 Gallon Soap Tank 1 - Gutter Clean Out Tool
1 - 8 Gallon Anti-Freeze Tank 8 - Nozzles Total (2-0°, 2-15°, 2-25°, 2-45°)
1 - Set of Extra "O" Rings (10-1/4", 10-3/8") 1 - "O" Ring Pick Tool
1 - 5 Gallon Drum Pak of "Power Plus"
      (makes 55 gallons)
1 - 5 Gallon Drum Pak of "Astro"
     (makes 55 gallons)
1 - 5 Gallon Drum Pak of "Concrete Floor
     Cleaner" (makes 55 gallons)
1 - 20" Hammerhead Industrial Duty
     Surface Cleaner

Exclusive Engineering Features

  • Pump Saver System
  • TBD (Total Belt Drive)
  • Low Pressure Chemical Application
  • Dual Filter System
  • Winterization Package

Complete Vacuum Reclaim System

PLSGV 3-13 Engine Driven Vacuum
  • 13HP Vanguard Subaru industrial engine with low tone muffler, fully belt driven
  • 3" Tuthill hi lift vacuum blower for 265 cfm's and to 16"Hg lift!
  • 20" x 36" skid frame with vibration isolators, hi flow silencer system
  • 2.5" x 5' vacuum connect hose (hi temp) with cam lock couplers nice!
  • Electric start
Waste Tank System
  • D.O.T approved 30 gallon drum with dual inlets.
  • Sand blasted, primed and hi temp. powder coated with slid out pre-filter, and auto pump out included.
2 Vacuum Hoses
  • 50'x2" i.d. crush resistant Xtra heavy duty vacuum hoses with 2" end cuffs and cam lock couplers at the waste tank.
3 Sand Snakes
  • 4' long sand bags - heavy duty 30 mil plastic. Place end to end to corral wash water in parking lot application.
1 VacuBerm
  • 4' long, abrasion resistant PVC for wash water control. Multiple VacuBerms can be connected together (available in 6' lengths).
1 Hard Surface Vac Wand
  • 14" wide "squeegee head" and replaceable squeegee blades.
1 21" Vacuuming Surface Cleaner
  • Fully adjustable, stainless steel, wheeled carriage, built for fast and efficient cleaning and vacuuming.
1 Vacuum Hose Reel
  • Heavy duty construction, 7/8" round steel tubing, 1.25" square steel tubing on base, and it holds 150' of hose.

Your new equipment will be state of the art.

The professional PWI support staff is ready to assist you with your new business.

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